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A Moment last all of a


But the Memory lives on



For the present time we are not offering 
Wedding Package. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. 

        Funeral Services.

Filming a funeral service is quite common these days.  

Distance and the rising costs of fuel are making it harder to attend funerals in person.

With the emotion riding high, it's hard to remember the day as it happened.  Who was at the funeral to pay their respects, what did those beautiful flowers look like, what did the celebrant/priest/minister say.  


The raw emotion that goes into the reading of the eulogy can never be recreated like it was when your standing at the lectern. 

The all important Eulogy generally tells the story of your family members life.  Often hearing stories that you didn't know or had forgotten. 

Main Memories Videography can film your loved ones Funeral Celebration with all the discretion we possibly can. 

We film the service in its entirety with 3 video camera's, following the coffin out to the hearse and as it drives away. 

We are also available to film the burial at the cemetery.


We don't offer live streaming but I do put it on Main Memories Videography's website with your family member's page password protected. 

Unfortunately due to internet protection laws, this version needs to be edited to include Royalty Free Music. 

Your copies of the video is available on USB and/or DVD. 


Funeral services will be put on the internet with password protection, allowing you to invite your family and friends to be a part of the service.

      Slide Shows

Main Memories Videography also offer slide show's. 

Slide show tributes are wonderful memories for


Get together's after a funeral, wake.

Birthday parties,

Anniversary Parties


Photo display for your website.

What ever you want an audio visual display for, we can create one, any length.


Main Memories Videography

Dont let the memories of your past fade away, thinking your old media (slides & tapes) is no longer any good and cant be salvaged.  We offer:

*  Various media transfer. 
*  VHS
*  Various Film or Hard Drive Camera Footage (8mm, MiniDV, VHS-C)
*  Vinyl Record
*  Audio Cassette
*  Slides
*  Photos

INTRODUCING: Super 8 and 8mm reel's. (These have no audio attached). 
We have a super8/8m reel scanner.  This lovely devise came directly from America and scan's each individual picture on your film to create the best footage for your video. 

Please contact us for a quote.  Its more affordable than you may think. 

How do you put a price on memories. To hear those special family voices again. To see faces you have not seen in many years. To show children the fashion of the day and the loved ones that are now lost. The fun times. 

MMV films: Funerals - Service & Graveside/Crematorium
Creating Memorial Tributes, Slide Shows
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