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Main Memories Videography


​MMV was passion that started as a hobby using a small handy cam, which continued to grow.   Attending tafe to learn the finer points, we then bought a pro Sony camera and started to create lasting memories.

I love watching the bride coming down the isle to her waiting groom.  The smiles on their faces and often tears of joy, is something that we can put on DVD/USB so not only you can look back on, but so can your children and grand children in coming years. 

Since starting 10 years ago, we have bought another 2 cameras. Multiple lav mics, a lapel mic and some awesome small voice recorders that capture the most beautiful audio.  This enables us to hear with clarity, the celebrant, the bride and groom, any friends or relatives that are doing a reading and the speeches at the reception.

Audio is something that a photo's just cant capture.

Jake & Renee.JPG

​Film Maker and Editor

I do the majority of the filming with an assistant, and all of the editing.  Each wedding takes around 100 hrs of editing to get it right so my life is spent watching a computer screen.. Yes I love it.

I love being able to create a memory that the bride and groom can look back on.

My favorite saying is "ask your parents and friends what they remember of their wedding day"

It passes in such a blur that most don't remember much about it.

We are situated in the beautiful south of  the Bass Coast of Victoria.  Magnificent beaches and mind blowing views.

We are happy to travel to most locations to have the honor of capturing your most special day.

Depending on location, there may be a travel charge.


​2ND Camera Person

My husband Greg is one of my assistants

Occasionally he cant assist and in that case we have 3 other very competent people who can step in to his shoes very comfortably.  Hayley, Neil or Sharyn are just as amazing at capturing the day.


The second camera films the groom and his groomsmen preparing for the day and the driver of the camera is amazing at putting cuff links and button holes on if you are having trouble.



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